PowerLaser™ Pro1500 UK

Powerful, compact, portable laser for medium-size areas of the body – for the professional practitioner.


Powerful, compact, portable laser for medium-size areas of the body – for the professional practitioner. The PowerLaser Pro1500 can be used for both surface and deep tissue treatment

The PowerLaser™ Pro1500 is primarily designed for laser treatment of larger areas of the body. This gives you the opportunity to effectively target laser treatment of larger areas of e.g. muscle tension, fiber ruptures, lower back pain etc.

Laser treatment in depth and on the surface

With its 3 laser diodes, the laser supplies energy to a larger area in a short time. This happens without compromising on the high effect that makes it possible to treat deep in the tissue.

The PowerLaser Pro1500 is designed for the treatment of:

medium areas of the body;
medium muscle groups;
medium surface/skin problems
For example: a sprained ankle, lower back pain, arthritis pain in the knee, etc.

With its three laser diodes, the PowerLaser Basic1500 supplies energy to a larger area, in a shorter time.

The PowerLaser Pro1500 is HyperPulsed™ with a peak power of 3000mW (average: 1500mW).

This gives a deeper penetration into the tissue, compared to a continuous wavelength of 1500mW, but at the same time maintains an average output power that prevents burning or damage to the tissue.

The PowerLaser™ Pro1500 emits laser light at 808nm, which is the wavelength that best penetrates body tissue.
The laser light penetrates to muscles, deep tendons and bones and delivers energy to the cells that need extra fuel for the body’s natural healing process.

Nine programs mean that you have the opportunity to choose the effect that is optimal for your particular treatment of a larger area.

With a PowerLaser™ Pro1500, you can easily and effortlessly treat in depth and on the surface of the desired area while sparing your hands and fingers. The model is battery-powered and therefore gives you greater freedom of movement during use, just as it can be taken on the go, as the batteries can be charged via USB connector


3 laser diodes
9 programs
Touch panel and vibration
Wavelength 808nm
HyperPulsed™, average power 1500mW, peak power 3000mW
Weight: 219 g incl. battery
Laser class 3B

By purchasing the PowerLaser™ Pro1500 you get:

1 piece. PowerLaser™ Pro1500
2 pcs. Lithium Ion batteries, rechargeable
1 piece. Smart charger
1 piece. USB AC Adapter
1 piece. USB cable
1 piece. safety glasses
1 piece. suitcase


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