Battery for PowerLaser™ UK

The rechargeable PowerLaser Pro Lithium-Ion battery is used to power the PowerLaser Pro models.


The rechargeable PowerLaser Pro Lithium Ion battery is used to power the PowerLaser Pro models. The battery is easily recharged in the PowerLaser Pro SmartCharger. LiIon batteries have more than twice the capacity and more than twice the lifetime of traditional NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries. On our FAQ-page you can read more about, how you secure a longer lifetime on your batteries.

One PowerLaser Pro comes with two batteries (the PowerLaser ProCombo comes with three) so you can always have one battery charging while you’re using the other one. However, additional batteries are available for purchase, in case you need to replace one or more, or would like extra batteries. If the Lithium-Ion batteries for your PowerLaser are worn out, they can be refurbished with new battery cells. It’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly than just buying new ones.


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