The biostimulating effects of laser therapy were discovered in 1967, by Hungarian scientist Endre Mester.

Since then, thousands of scientific studies have documented the healing effects of laser therapy.

One of the more recent and exciting additions to the collection is an article in BMJ Open, published by Danish scientist, Martin Bjoern Stausholm.

In collaboration with an international research team, Martin published the article “Efficacy of low-level laser therapy on pain and disability in knee osteoarthritis: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised placebo-controlled trials”.

The article is based on an analysis of 22 scientific studies on low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for knee osteoarthritis.

The analysis is different from previous meta-analyses in that it groups the studies according to wavelength and dosage.

The research team’s conclusion is clear: Laser treatment with a wavelength between 785nm and 860nm (the PowerLaser is 808nm), and a dose of 4-8 Joules per point, reduces pain for up to 12 weeks after end of treatment.

Range of motion of the knee is increased for up to 8 weeks after end of treatment.

With the PowerLaser Pro, this type of treatment would take 2-5 minutes per treatment.

If you’re interested in more details on this analysis, you can read the full article here: