158 out of 239 infertile women have become pregnant after treatments that include treatments with the GigaLaser. 158 new lives – all perfectly healthy children.

For many of these women, the laser treatment has been the last resort, having gone through several IVF’s etc. – and being told that they had no chance of conceiving their own child.

In Denmark and Norway, 8 GigaLaser clinics are using the GigaLaser as a part of fertility treatments. So far, these clinics have had a total success rate of 66%!

In time, it is our hope that this method will find its way to the thousands of couples who still are waiting for their dream to come true.

Clinical results and protocol

Results from the 8 GigaLaser clinics are shown in the table below.

clinic statistics

The GigaLaser protocol is straightforward: starting on the first day of menstruation, 6 treatments are applied over 2 weeks.

Each treatment lasts 23 minutes and the total dose is 20,000 Joule. The treatment screen covers 500 cm2 (77 in2) and is placed over the (naked) abdominal area.

The wavelength is 808 nm for treating deep lying tissue, as well as 660 nm LED, which increases the microcirculation in the surface of the skin. There are no side effects or any discomfort associated with the treatment.

Healthy fertility

One clinic in particular has gone all the way and started a designated fertility clinic. It was founded by physiotherapist Anne Marie Jensen (Copenhagen, Denmark) in 2011, and as of 2016-11-04, she has treated a total of 171 women – and 116 of them have become pregnant. That is a success rate of 68%.

All of Anne Marie’s fertility patients go through a thorough physical examination. If needed, they are given physiotherapy treatments for releasing muscle tensions, correcting postural problems and softening of any scar tissue. In addition, they are coached for stress and life style issues.

Based on her work, Anne Marie recently published the book “Fertilitet og fysioterapi – en guide til behandling og selvbehandling” (“Fertility and physical therapy –a guide to treatment and self treatment”, at this point only available in Danish). The book is available at PowerMedic Lasers and elsewhere.

Other applications

From all the GigaLaser clinics, we get a lot of feedback about other positive side effects from the GigaLaser therapy. Irregular or missing menstruations are normalized, pain and discomfort from endometriosis is relieved, as well as pain from PCOS. This will, of course, increase the odds of getting pregnant, but the clinics receive many clients for non-pregnancy related problems, as well.

How does it work?

We do not know exactly how laser therapy increases the odds of getting pregnant, but we know a lot about the effects of laser therapy on the cellular level. First of all, laser therapy will stimulate the mitochondria to produce more ATP (= energy) in the cells. This in turn improves the cell’s ability to:

  1. proliferate
  2. migrate
  3. adhere

…which is exactly what a fertilized egg is supposed to do. Further to that, the increased energy level in the cells will improve blood circulation, relax muscle tensions and reduce inflammation. These factors are all beneficial to the general environment inside the female reproductive organs and to the ovarian mucosal lining in particular. Laser therapy is also known for its ability to normalize and soften scar tissue, and scar tissue is a large contributor to fertility problems.

Treating men

Lately, the GigaLaser clinics have been treating a growing number of men with low semen quality. We have not yet assembled the statistical data, but the effect of laser therapy on the testicles is dramatic. Time and time again, we see numbers rise from 2 million/ml to more than 40 million/ml. From one day to the next. For these treatments, the clinics use the PowerLaser.

For more information on how you as a practitioner can get started offering laser therapy for childless couples, please contact us here at PowerMedic.