The Christianshavn Clinic

I first came across the PowerLaser during a visit to a practitioners’ office. I asked how she used it, and she told me she uses it for her clients and her horses. I was very intrigued and went home and read about the laser. I called Arne at PowerMedic and we agreed to a meeting at my clinic where he told me about the laser. Then I was HOOKED!

I bought a PowerLaser PRO and attended a very interesting introductory seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark. Afterwards, I signed up for another seminar where we learned how to use the laser for different treatments.

“I’ve now had my PowerLaser for about a year and a half,
and I simply CANNOT live without it.”

When I go out and visit a company to treat their employees, they’ll ask: “Did you remember to bring your magic wand”? I’ve helped people with a cold sore (it works AMAZINGLY for this), knee pain, neck-, shoulder-, and back pain, and more. Sometimes, I treat the client using just the laser, other times I supplement with

Swedish massage and/or craniosacral therapy. I also treat myself whenever I have an issue 🙂 Super easy and I couldn’t imagine a day without my laser. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Catharine Lone Jansen, Copenhagen, Denmark