A sprain occurs when you damage a ligament or other soft parts surrounding a joint.

Sprains can vary greatly in severity from simple sprains to severe ligament damage. Signs of a sprain are oedema, pain and difficulty moving the particular body part.

Sprains occur when a joint stretches beyond its normal capacity, either from pulling or a sudden motion.

You will experience oedema and pain in the joint and sometimes see discoloration under the skin; red, blue, and possibly yellow. In mild cases, pain and oedema occur after a few hours, in severe cases, they occur immediately.

Sprains often occur in ankles, knees and fingers, through twisting, falls, sports and accidents.

Immediate first aid is to rest the injured area, cool it down with an ice pack or the like, apply compression, and finally elevate it.

With laser therapy, you can accelerate the healing process because the laser beam helps rebuild damaged cells by providing new energy, which they can use to recover and normalize. In addition, laser therapy works to relieve pain. We recommend 1-2 treatments per day and a total of 6-8 treatments.

A cold laser from PowerMedic always comes with a laser therapy manual.