Effective treatment of acute sports injuries

Laser therapy is an excellent tool for therapists in sports medicine, as well as other practitioners who treat patients with sports injuries.

Boosting the immune

Reducing swelling

Relieving pain and
increasing the blood flow

Sports medicine is the field of medicine that specializes in athletic performance, and the prevention and treatment of sports injuries.rnrnUnfortunately, sports injuries are not at all rare. Injuries that can often take weeks, or even months, to heal up – sometimes leaving the player off the field for the rest of the season, or longer.rnrnAnd potentially with dire impact on their future in the sport.

Injuries occur in all types of sports and at all levels – from the professional athlete, to the high school athlete, to the parent who simply enjoys throwing the ball around with his kids on Sunday.

Back in the game

Laser therapy is especially effective for acute injuries.rnrnWe’ve developed laser equipment that you can easily bring with you on the field, so that you can treat the injury right away and help the athlete get back to their sport as quickly as possible.

PowerLaser til Dermatolog og kosmetolog

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Powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser Pro1500

Handheld PowerLaser so
you can quickly treat acute
injuries on the court

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PowerLaser ProCombo

A combination for you who
want to treat both precise
and medium-sized areas



Covers a large area and
does not require constant