Rikke Sophie Kiaer Thygesen

PowerMedic is the proud sponsor of Rikke Sophie Kiaer Thygesen.

Born in 1994, Rikke Sophie is a young Danish/Norwegian woman, and a professional endurance racing rider. Endurance racing is like a marathon for horses over natural terrain.

In 2014, Rikke Sophie was admitted to the Elite Team for Young Riders, and in 2015 she started as a senior rider and now represents Denmark in international tournaments.

On her long journey in the world of endurance racing, Rikke Sophie has completed 2,500 kilometers, including in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, England, Italy, Chile, and New Zealand.

After several years of working with riding school ponies, Icelandic horses, and ring riding, Rikke Sophie decided to focus on dressage Arabian horses. She competed in her last dressage tournament, The European Championship for Arabian Sports Horses, in 2013, before going into endurance racing. Rikke Sophie lives in Norway where she trains and cares for her 3 horses.

Rikke Sophie’s horses are all full blooded Arabians.

With her horse Fronfutu OX, Rikke has qualified from 20 km to 160 km. They’ve been a team for 13 years, and their goal for 2021/2022 is to complete a 160 km endurance race.

Her horse Zigan OX is a 10-year old gelding who just recently started his international career. Rikke Sophie’s goal is to qualify for the 160 km World Championship in Verona, Italy in 2022.

Rikke Sophie and her horse Aspen-Hills Karma OX developed a strong bond early on. Rikke first met Karma in New Zealand and couldn’t leave without her. Karma is currently going through novice qualifications, and the goal is for her to debut internationally in 2021.

We look forward to following Rikke Sophie and her 3 beautiful and persistent horses in the challenging discipline of endurance racing. In the stable, at races, and in her luggage, Rikke Sophie has a PowerLaser Basic with her so that she can quickly help both herself and her horses with any injuries, saddle sores, or other ailments that the PowerLaser can help relieve.