Our pets can also benefit from laser therapy. Both dogs and cats.

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  • Battery for PowerLaser™

    Battery for PowerLaser™

    The rechargeable PowerLaser Pro Lithium-Ion battery is used to power the PowerLaser...

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  • Case for PowerLaser™

    Case for PowerLaser™

    The shockproof case is made out of hard plastic and protects your...

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  • Laser protective goggles

    Laser protective goggles

    Laser protective goggles 330TG, 808-nm-660nm, LB5-OD5+ for use with the PowerLaser™ and...

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  • PowerLaser™ Basic VET Expert

    PowerLaser™ Basic VET Expert

    With a combination of PowerLaser™ Basic1200 VET and PowerLaser™ Basic1500 VET you...

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  • PowerLaser™ Basic VET Expert+

    PowerLaser™ Basic VET Expert+

    The set is for you who want to provide a complete treatment...

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  • PowerLaser™ Basic1200 VET

    PowerLaser™ Basic1200 VET

    The PowerLaser™ Basic1200 VET is specially designed to treat issues in the...

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  • PowerLaser™ Basic1500

    PowerLaser™ Basic1500

    The PowerLaser™ Basic1500 is designed primarily to treat larger muscle groups and...

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  • PowerLaser™ Basic1500 VET

    PowerLaser™ Basic1500 VET

    PowerLaser™ Basic1500 VET is designed to treat medium-size areas of the body....

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  • PowerLaser™ Basic500

    PowerLaser™ Basic500

    The PowerLaser Basic 500 is a therapeutic laser primarily for private use....

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  • PowerLaser™ Basic500 VET

    PowerLaser™ Basic500 VET

    The PowerLaser™ Basic500 VET is designed for precise treatment of smaller areas,...

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  • PowerLaser™ BasicCombo

    PowerLaser™ BasicCombo

    The BasicCombo consists of the Basic500 and Basic1500, which is a perfect...

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  • PowerLaser™ BasicCombo VET

    PowerLaser™ BasicCombo VET

    BasicCombo VET consists of a Basic500 VET and a Basic1500 VET, which...

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  • PowerLaser™ Pro1500

    PowerLaser™ Pro1500

    Powerful, compact, portable laser for medium-size areas of the body - for...

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  • PowerLaser™ Pro500

    PowerLaser™ Pro500

    The PowerLaser™ Pro500 is designed to treat small areas as well as...

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  • PowerLaser™ ProCombo

    PowerLaser™ ProCombo

    The PowerLaser ProCombo includes the PowerLaser Pro500 and PowerLaser Pro1500, which is...

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