Mia Blichfeldt

PowerMedic is the proud sponsor of Mia Blichfeldt, one of Denmark’s greatest badminton players.

Born in 1997, Mia won the prize ‘comet of the year’ in Danish badminton in 2013 and, as the youngest ever, became Danish champion in women’s singles, the following year.

In addition, Mia has won a variety of titles, including Norwegian International, European Champion 2015, Slovenia International 2016, Portugal International 2017, Spanish Open 2017, Bronze at the 2018 European Championship, as well as winner of the 2019 European Games.

Currently, Mia ranks 18 in the world.

Her goals are higher than the net on the court, and although the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo were cancelled, Mia is well on her way to the next Olympics.

We’re cheering Mia on all the way and look forward to following her as she represents Denmark on the badminton courts around the world.