Laser treatment has proven to be a highly effective form of treatment, when it comes to pain management and the treatment of serious skin problems. At PowerMedic, we have been working with the development and production of laser therapy equipment since 1982, and we have the largest experience in the field, in Denmark. We deliver technological solutions that help soothe and heal diseases in both humans and animals. And our overall goal is to develop tools that health professionals can use to promote the natural healing process.

Laser treatment may sound very technical to many people, but really it is not difficult to understand. Our laser pen sends out a monochromatic and coherent laser light. The light penetrates deep into the skin tissue and into the individual cell, where the light is absorbed and stimulates the production of ATP – in practice, fuel for the cells, and the cells are given the energy necessary for faster healing.

Laser treatment is particularly effective in treating sports injuries. Laser therapy helps reduce inflammation, chronic as well as acute, and it increases the formation of collagen tissue, which results in faster wound healing.

PowerMedic has its own clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark where laser treatment is used extensively. It has been shown that laser light can replace the use of medicine – for example in the treatment of neck pain. And the best part is that laser treatment has virtually no side effects.