You can supplement your treatments with laser therapy

Today many reflexologists use laser therapy as primary stimulation for individual patients or as a supplement to reflexology.

Pain relief

Stimulates the zones on the foot

Supplement for your hands

Reflexology is a very common type of treatment. According to reflexology, the human body is a holistic whole where certain parts of the foot correspond to certain zones and organs throughout the body.rnrnIn reflexology, it is assumed that there is a vital energy that circulates throughout the body. When this energy is blocked somewhere in the body, the area where the obstacle appeared will be affected. The reflexologist works to bring out a positive effect in a particular spot in the body by pressing clearly defined points on the foot.

Reflexology is used today to treat pain in joints and muscles, stress, circulatory problems, digestive problems, allergies, respiratory problems, headaches, and sports injuries. In addition, reflexology is being used to relieve pain, stimulate contractions during childbirth, and treat colic in children.rnrnMany reflexologists are now using laser therapy as the primary stimulation for individual patients or in addition to reflexology.

Effective supplement

Laser therapy can be used to stimulate the zones on your client’s feet and thereby help relieve the pressure on your hands.rnrnIn addition, you can use laser therapy to relieve pain and inflammation, increase the blood circulation, and more.


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