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Help your patients recover quickly from an injury

With laser therapy, you’ll be able to help your patients heal faster from a complex injury.

Treatment of acute injuries, quicker healing and pain relief

Treatment of chronic conditions, pain relief and postponement of symptoms

Treatment of repetitive strain injuries, various forms of inflammation

Laser therapy is used extensively in physical therapy. Physical therapists deal with many different types of injuries, primarily those that affect your mobility.rnrnA physical therapist’s job is primarily to help patients prevent and cure injuries and disorders in muscles, joints, the nervous system, and the circulatory system.rnrnIn these areas, laser can help accelerate the body’s own natural healing process. In physical therapy, physical therapists deal with many injuries, acute as well as repetitive strain.

The treatment with biostimulating laser is often combined with other forms of treatment, such as manipulation, shockwave, ultrasound, and guidance.rnrnOne of the benefits of using a laser early in the treatment,when a patient is in a lot of pain, is that the laser relieves pain and helps the muscles to relax. This makes it easier to initiate another treatment afterwards.

Accelerate the natural healing

With laser therapy, you’re able to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as increase mobility, for your patient – whether they’re suffering from a chronic condition, repetitive strain injury, or acute injury.rnrnFor example: arthritis pain, tennis elbow, sports injury, wound healing post-surgery, muscle pain etc.

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Powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser Pro1500

Handheld laser for treating medium areas

powerlaser procombo powerlaser pro500 powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser ProCombo

Combination of lasers for the physiotherapist who will also work with trigger points



Possibility of unmanned treatment of larger areas of the body