PowerLaser til Dermatolog og kosmetolog

Difficulties releasing muscle tensions in your clients?

Professional massage therapists often provide laser therapy in addition to treatments such as Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

Increase blood flow locally in the tissue

Release muscle tensions

Pain relief and increased mobility

Professional massage therapists often use laser therapy as a supplement to other treatments such as physical massage / deep tissue massage.rnrnThe muscles in the human body make up approx. 40 percent of the total body weight. When the muscles are working, they release waste products in the form of lactic acid, carbon dioxide and urea. These waste products are naturally led away from the muscles by the blood and the lymphatic system.

If too much waste accumulates, for instance from sitting in front of the computer or exercising too hard, the muscles get tired, stiff and sore. Massage can help loosen and soften the muscles, stimulate the lymphatic system and get rid of the accumulated waste products.rnrnMassage also improves blood circulation and thus the blood supply to the skin cells. Therefore, massage also has a good effect on the skin – it makes the skin look younger, healthier and fresher, and the skin has more color and glow.rnrnMassage has a soothing, relaxing and stimulating effect because it also affects the body’s nervous system.

Effective treatment

Laser therapy increases blood circulation and is very effective in releasing muscle tensions.rnrnThis can benefit you and give your clients an effective treatment.

PowerLaser til Dermatolog og kosmetolog - sportsskader og behandling med sportsmedicin

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Powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser Pro1500

With a Pro1500 you can loosen muscle tension up on medium area of ​​the body

powerlaser procombo powerlaser pro500 powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser ProCombo

With a combination of both the Pro500 and Pro1500, you can treat both small and medium-sized areas



With its laser diodes and red LEDs, the GigaLaser can effectively loosen up and increase blood flow

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