Create good results and faster healing

Quick and painfree treatment, as well as a quicker and more complete healing, are things most dental patients appreciate.

Effective relief of sore tooth necks

Faster healing associated with tooth extraction and surgery

Effective treatment of periodontal disease – pockets significantly reduced

Dental lasers are increasingly, and with success, being used in dentistry by dentists all over the world for various purposes.rnrnWith its healing effects and ability to stimulate the body’s natural immune system, the laser can be a natural part of a dental treatment, with great benefits.

Dental patients can benefit from laser therapy in multiple ways, and several studies have shown positive results.rnrnQuick and painfree treatment, quicker and more complete healing are things most dental patients appreciate greatly.

Faster healing

Laser therapy reduces the risk of infection and offers your patient a quicker and more effective healing process.rnrnWe’ve developed a light guide that provides an easy way to treat intraorally.

dentalspids lysbehandling og laserbehandling for tandlæger og odontologer

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A focus on the patient with laser therapy

A soft laser, for instance the PowerLaser Pro500 with a lightguide (dental lens), can be used for things like:rnrn- Pain Reliefrn- Less bleeding and faster healing associated with tooth extraction and surgeryrn- Effective relief of sore tooth necksrn- Effective treatment of periodontal disease – pockets significantly reducedrn- Faster ingrowth of implantsrn- Root canal treatment can often be avoided in minor root infectionsrn- Blisters in the mouth heal with 1-2 treatmentsrn- Muscle tension from temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder (TMJ disorder) is dissolvedrn- Gag reflex is reduced / neutralized (beneficial when taking dental impressions and X-rays)rnrnThe laser treatment is very simple and can easily be administered by a dental assistant or dental hygienist.

We reccomend

powerlaser pro500

PowerLaser Pro500

Elegant design with options for both program selection and time exposure


PowerLaser Basic500

Simple and sleep design with 2 programs, via push button

lyslederstav Powerlaser dental

Light guide

Easily attaches to the Pro500 or Basic500 for intraoral laser treatment

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