Laser for humans

Read more about laser therapy under the individual categories.


Many acupuncturists uses
laser in their treatments e.g.
as onealternative to the needle.


Laser therapy is one
excellent supplement to
the toolbox.


Laser can be used in dentistry
and is used by dentists worldwide
to different purposes.

Dermatologi and
skin care

Laser therapy can be used for
for the treatment of the skin.

Massage therapist

As a professional masseuse, you can
advantagegeously provide
laser treatment.

Physical therapist

Laser therapy is widely used in
for physiotherapy


Podiatrists can advantageously
use laser for treatment i
the clinic.


Laser therapy can be used as
a supplement to reflexology
eg. as stimulation.

Sports medicine

Laser therapy is excellent
for the treatment of
sports injuries.