Jan Friis, Harness racing coach

PowerMedic is the proud sponsor of Harness Racing Coach Jan Friis.

In a small town called Vemb, on the west coast of Denmark, Jan Friis started as a harness racing coach in 2002, with Skive Travbane being his home field.

Only a few months later, the newly started training center had a great win when Giant Flamingo won Dansk Trav Kriterium – one of the largest races for 3-year old horses in Denmark.

The training center hosts mainly young horses who are trained specifically to become active race horses. The center works on developing and qualifying these horses to become the best in the world of harness racing.

Many hours of working with the horses on the sandy beaches along with the western coast of Denmark help the horses develop the optimal muscle structure that’s required to becoming a great, active race horse.

Jan’s work with the horses has been very successful, resulting in the win of Dansk Opdraetningsloeb for 2-year old horses, and the center has already had their first victory of 2021.

We look forward to following Jan’s work with the race horses, at the center and on the race tracks.

Photo credit: GormFoto.dk