Help your horse recover faster from an injury

With the PowerLaser VET you can help your horse get rid of an injury faster. Laser therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing.

Fast and effective
pain relief

Long-term restorative
effect on the tissue

Painfree and without
known side effects

Several veterinarians, horse practitioners, as well as professional and non-professional riders, have already embraced the PowerLaser™ as an effective and essential tool that makes it possible to keep their horse in top shape, despite various injuries.

With the PowerLaser™ Basic VET, you’ll be able to reduce pain and increase mobility in an injured area, as well as accelerate the healing process, and help your horse get back on track faster. Whether it be an acute or longer-term injury.

At PowerMedic, we make a point of offering an effective and straight-forward tool that you can bring with you, whether your horse needs help in the stable, in the field, or at the race track.

The PowerLaser™ Basic VET comes with an Instruction Manual and a Laser Therapy Manual, which includes recommended protocols for dosage, treatment frequency etc. So that you can rest assured you’re providing the optimal treatment.

We understand how frustrating it can be

… when your horse suffers an injury.

All you want is to help your horse recover as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have worked with laser technology and have 40 years of experience in developing laser equipment to help you help your horse.

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laserterapi til løbsheste

One of our prominent racehorses became lame and was diagnosed with a fracture of the joint capsule in the foreleg. The vet recommended an exercise-free period of 7-9 weeks and treatment with a PowerLaser 2-3 times a week. After laser treatment for 6 weeks, the horse was checked and the green light was given to start the rehabilitation. 1-3 weeks before the expected time. It gave us an indication that the PowerLaser is working and we are now using laser therapy for several of the stable’s horses by e.g. wounds, stuck muscles and injuries from e.g. codes and knees.

Jan Friis, Professionel Travtræner

We recommend

PowerLaser Basic500 VET

Treatment of precise
and minor areas

PowerLaser Basic1500 VET

PowerLaser Basic1500 VET

Treatment of medium-sized

PowerLaser Basic1200 VET

PowerLaser Basic1200 VET

Suitable for treating
skin surface injuries

Laserterapi af heste med seneskader

Tendon injuries in horses

Unfortunately, horses often sustain tendon injuries, for example to the suspensory ligament or the digital flexor tendons. The injury can occur if the horse is injured, from repetitive stress, or from other illness. Typically, the vet will make the diagnosis after performing an ultrasound scan of the injured area. Tendon injuries can cause a lot of pain, as well lameness and inflammation.

Laser therapy accelerates the natural healing process and increases the blood circulation. This reduces edema and inflammation, and the horse will typically have less pain following laser treatment.

Back pain in horses

Pain in the back region, for instance from muscle tensions or pain from an ill-fitting saddle or bone changes, can cause back stiffness and other symptoms in the back. Note that similar symptoms, such as muscle stiffness and pain, can also occur as secondary symptoms to lameness in one or more legs. In those instances, treating the back problem will have no effect before the primary problem is solved, therefore a thorough examination is recommended.

Issues in the lower back, resulting in poor performance in the horse, are very common. It could be issues in the bones and/or muscles. A horse suffering from back pain can often benefit from laser therapy because the laser reduces pain and stimulates the natural healing, for instance following a muscle injury.

For muscle tensions, laser treatment helps loosen the muscles by stimulating the blood supply and increasing the release of waste products.

sårbehandling af dyr med laser

Wound healing in horses

Laser therapy is very beneficial for treating wounds. Laser therapy increases the blood circulation and accelerates the wound healing. Faster wound healing helps minimize the risk of complications and reduces scar tissue. Generally, the quicker the wound heals, the less risk of infection, which might otherwise further complicate things.

Wound healing was one of the first indications of laser therapy, which was discovered by accident during animal testing. It’s common for horses to sustain injuries or wounds, whether in the field or during training. Laser therapy accelerates the natural healing significantly and shortens the course of disease.

For professional riders and trainers, it’s often crucial that they get their horse back in training as quickly as possible, so they don’t miss competitions or races.

Supplement to other treatment

Laser treatment can be very beneficial as a supplement to other treatments.

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