PowerMedics 40 års jubilæum

Founders Edition Ltd.

PowerMedic’s 40th anniversary

We’re excited to be celebrating PowerMedic’s 40th anniversary!

4 decades of development and production of laser therapy equipment – and still with the same mission as when Founder & CEO, Arne Grinsted, started the company back in 1982:

to help people and animals to a better life

And yes, of course we’re celebrating!

To celebrate, we’re producing 40 exclusive sets of

40th Anniversary Founders Edition PowerLaser ProCombo 

in a super cool PowerMedic-PowerRED color.

Each kit will be numbered from 1 to 40, and engraved with Arne Grinsted’s signature.

The anniversary kit includes: 

4-year warranty

4 vouchers for service check free of charge (annual service check, for the first 4 years)

$400 gift certificate towards your next purchase with PowerMedic

Certificate of Authenticity

40th Anniversary Founders Edition PowerLaser ProCombo

1 x PowerLaser Pro500 Ltd, PowerRed
1 x PowerLaser Pro1500 Ltd, PowerRed
3 x rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
SmartCharger w/ USB cable
Laser safety glasses
Case for safe storage and transport
User Manual
Laser Therapy Manual
25 patient information brochures

MSRP: $6,995 

PowerLaser™ Pro500

The PowerLaser™ Pro500 is designed to treat small areas as well as specific points on the body.

This allows you to target the treatment of smaller muscle groups and smaller areas of the body, such as hands/fingers, feet/toes.

The PowerLaser is also ideal for treating trigger or acupuncture points. Available accessories include acupuncture lens and dental light guide (see Accessories for more details).


PowerLaser™ Pro1500

The PowerLaser™ Pro1500 is designed to treat medium size muscle groups or areas of the body.

The PowerLaser Pro1500 allows you to treat  areas such as muscle tensions, sprains, back pain etc.

With its 3 laser diodes, the laser adds energy to a larger area in a short amount of time, without compromising with the high output power, which makes it possible to treat deep into the tissue.

ifi_092 ifi_085
The PowerLaser Pro500 and PowerLaser Pro1500 both emit laser light at 808nm, which is the wavelength that provides the deepest penetration into the tissue.
The laser light penetrates to reach muscles, ligaments, and bones, and provides energy to those cells that need extra fuel for the body’s natural healing process.

Each PowerLaser has a total of 9 programs, giving you the ability to select the output power that’s optimal for your specific treatment.

With the PowerLaser Pro, you’re able to easily and efficiently treat deep into the tissue or on the surface of the desired area, while at the same time making it easy on your hands and fingers.
The PowerLasers are battery operated, giving you more freedom to take the lasers with you around the clinic or with you on-the-go.

To celebrate PowerMedic’s 40th anniversary, we’re offering:

Leasing, 90-day deferred

Get your Christmas present now – you don’t pay for 3 months 


– you sign a leasing agreement

– we ship your new 40th Anniversary Founders Edition PowerLaser ProCombo

– you don’t start your monthly lease payments for another 3 months

The cost for this?

$183/month for the Anniversary kit 

Term: 48 months

$0 down

Leasing available to business customers in the USA. Rates based on customer credit. $0 buy-out at the end of the term. No prepayment penalty in many cases (depending on credit approval). Other terms also available. MSRP does not include tax/shipping. PowerMedic US Inc. and FinancialCorp are separate companies.