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According to the international laser standard IEC 60825-1, it’s recommended that a laser device be verified and adjusted “regularly”.
The reason being the risk that the laser may change its light profile, for instance if the optics get dirty or become misaligned from being bumped or from other impact.
We recommend sending your laser in for service inspection once a year, or at a minimum every two years. We’ll verify your laser’s output, clean and inspect your laser, and update the software to the newest compatible version.
You can order a service check by filling out this service form.

The PowerLasers come with a Laser Therapy Manual, which includes protocols for conditions that can be treated with laser therapy.
This video shows you how to read the Laser Therapy Manual, when using the PowerLaser Pro500 or PowerLaser Pro1500:

Do you have an acupuncture lens or dental light guide for your PowerLaser Pro500 or PowerLaser Basic500?
To switch from one lens to another, simply remove the attached lens with your thumb nail, and replace it with the desired lens, give it a slight push until it clicks into place.
This video shows you how:

If you need to ship your PowerLaser, make sure to package it well.
Ship your PowerLaser or other items in a cardboard box. Wrap each item separately so they don’t bump against each other, and add bubble wrap or other packing material for protection.
If shipping Lithium Ion batteries, you may need to label the shipment for hazardous material. Check with your shipping carrier for details.
It’s also a good idea to get a tracking number for the shipment.
When sending in equipment for service or repair
If you’re sending your PowerLaser or other items in for repair, please include a cover letter with detailed contact information (phone number, email address, and return address).
Please also fill out an RMA (Return Material Authorization), describing the issue. Please include a copy of your RMA in the shipment, this will make it easier for us to quickly resolve the issue.

Are you wanting to bring your PowerLaser with you on vacation?
Then you may be wondering whether you’re allowed to bring your PowerLaser and Lithium Ion batteries on the airplane.
Most often, you’re allowed to bring your PowerLaser and batteries in your carry-on luggage, but from our experience it’s a good idea to bring your PowerLaser manuals as well, then it’s easier to explain to the security staff what the PowerLaser is. You may be asked in several locations.
TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in the USA allows Lithium batteries to be carried in your carry-on bag (or in a device in your checked bags, with certain restrictions) However, we recommend checking with your specific airline, ahead of time.
For more details, see TSA – Lithium batteries

Lithium-ion battery specifications :
3400 mAh
12580 mWh = 12,6 Wh

All newer PowerLasers run on rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. We use carefully selected battery cells from quality suppliers.
The lifetime of a battery, however, depends on a few factors. In our production department, we receive batteries for repair that are anywhere from 2 to 6 years old. Typical lifetime of a battery is 3-4 years.
The following are a few tips that can help prolong the lifetime of your Lithium Ion battery:

  • Use the batteries and rotate them
    Lithium Ion batteries work best when they get used regularly. Don’t set aside a battery as a ‘spare’ battery. If the battery doesn’t get used, the battery will lose its capacity more quickly.
  • Charging regularly
    It was previously said that a battery needed to be discharged completely before charging. This was true for Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. However, this is not true for Lithium Ion batteries that work better when they’re charged frequently.
  • Cool storage
    Cool storage prolongs the lifetime of your batteries. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Change the battery as soon as your PowerLaser indicates low-battery
    The PowerLasers have a built-in function that signals when the battery is low. When this happens, charge the battery and use the second battery in your PowerLaser. Avoid ‘forcing’ your PowerLaser to keep going with a battery that’s low.
  • Don’t store a partially or completely discharged battery
    If you need to store a battery for a longer period of time, charge it first. Storing the battery in a partially or completely discharged state will reduce the lifetime of the battery.

The PowerLaser Pro has settings for sound and vibration.
To adjust the volume or vibration: in standby mode, place two fingers on P3 and T3, and at the same time, slide a finger from “OFF” to “ON”. You can now adjust the volume and the vibration level.
P3 = 100% vibration, P2 = 50% vibration, P1 = no vibration.
T3 = 100% volume, T2 = 50% volume, T1 = no sound.
When you’ve selected the volume and vibration level that you’d like, slide a finger from “ON” to “OFF”, and the PowerLaser will save your settings.
This video shows you how:

Cleaning the PowerLaser

We recommend using Isopropyl Alcohol or surgical spirit for disinfecting the surface of your laser. Alcohol provides a fast and effective reduction of microorganisms.

Wet a napkin with the disinfectant and wipe the whole device. Leave the surface wet and let it airdry, the device should not be used before it’s completely dry.
Isopropyl Alcohol is available in most drug stores.

Cleaning the protective goggles
We recommend disinfecting the protective goggles using UV light, ultrasonic waves, or neutral glasses cleaner (without alcohol). You can also use soap and water for daily cleaning.