Fast and complete healing of the skin

Laser therapy helps speed up the healing of the small wounds so your client experiences a great result faster.

Increase blood flow

Vitalize the tissue

Accelerate the natural

If you’re a dermatologist, esthetician, or otherwise work with skin care, laser therapy can be a great supplement for your treatments.rnrnWith laser therapy, you’re expanding your treatment options significantly. You’re able to offer laser therapy after chemical peeling, derma rolling, or other types of treatments that create small wounds or openings in the skin.

In addition, you’re able to better treat conditions that benefit from an increase in the blood circulation and stimulation of collagen tissue, as well as light that kills bacteria.

Beautiful skin

Laser therapy accelerates the natural healing, increases the blood circulation, and stimulates the formation of collagen tissue.rnrnWith laser therapy as a supplement to your treatments, you’re able to create faster and visible results and give your clients beautiful skin.

PowerLaser til Dermatolog og kosmetolog

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NB: When using the GigaLaser (Class 3B) for cosmetic purposes, special regulations may apply.
Please check with your local authorities.

We recommend

Powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser Pro1500

The handheld laser allows
you to treat medium-sized
areas of the body

powerlaser procombo powerlaser pro500 powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser ProCombo

With a combination of Pro500
and Pro1500, you can treat both
small and medium-sized areas



The GigaLaser is equipped with
both laser diodes and LEDs,
which provide a complete treatment

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