Help your patients by relieving pain and increasing mobility

Offer your patients a more effective treatment, and accelerate the healing process in muscles and joints, with laser therapy. Often, laser therapy provides a shorter course of treatment for the patient.

We recommend

Powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser Pro1500

Compact, portable,
handheld laser – designed
for targeting medium size
muscle groups or areas of
the body, e.g. shoulder,
knee, ankle.

powerlaser procombo powerlaser pro500 powerlaser pro1500

PowerLaser ProCombo

Compact, portable,
handheld set of lasers – for
treating both medium size
muscle groups and areas of
the body, as well as trigger
points and extremities.



One of the largest area
lasers in the world – can be
used unattended. Ideal for
effective and effortless
treatments over a large

As a chiropractor, you’re used to working with muscles and joints – laser therapy can be an amazing addition to your toolbox.rnrnLaser therapy increases the blood circulation, releases muscle tension, and reduces pain.

This can be helpful once you’ve made your diagnosis and start the treatment.rnrnUsing laser therapy in your initial treatment can provide pain relief for your patient and make it easier to do manual treatment and adjustment.

Effective pain relief

Increase mobility in joints
and muscles

Accelerate the healing
process related to injuries
to muscles and joints

Accelerate the natural healing

With laser therapy, you’ll able to reduce pain and muscle tensions before the chiropractic treatment, so that you can do the adjustment more quickly and effectively. At the same time, you can offer an even more effective treatment, if your patient is suffering from chronic pain, a repetitive strain injury, or acute injury. For example: arthritis pain, lateral epicondilytis, sports injury etc.

PowerLaser Pro1500 knæ on

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