Blisters can be quite painful, if not treated. Blisters are pockets of fluid that can occur in different places on the body depending on how they are generated. They can occur from too much mechanical friction or pressure on the skin. Most people have experienced blisters on their feet due to new or too small shoes, but they can also occur on your hands because of manual labor such as gardening or other work where you tend to use your hands a lot or just intensely for a short time – especially if you are not used to it. [...]



A sprain occurs when you damage a ligament or other soft parts surrounding a joint. Sprains can vary greatly in severity from simple sprains to severe ligament damage. Signs of a sprain are oedema, pain and difficulty moving the particular body part. Sprains occur when a joint stretches beyond its normal capacity, either from pulling or a sudden motion. You will experience oedema and pain in the joint and sometimes see discoloration under the skin; red, blue, and possibly yellow. In mild cases, pain and oedema occur after a few hours, in severe cases, they occur immediately. Sprains often [...]


Pulled muscle

Pulled muscles occur when one or more muscle fibers in a muscle are torn. The injury results in swelling (oedema) and sharp pain. If the muscle has been completely ruptured, you will not be able to move the damaged muscle. A pulled muscle is usually treated by use of the RICE principle (rest, ice, compression, elevation) in the first 24 hours. Then, it is recommended that you rest the muscle for a few days and then slowly and gently begin rehabilitation. Laser therapy can be used as a supplement to the treatment of a pulled muscle. Laser treatment will [...]

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