Can you apply too large a dose of laser therapy?

Laser therapy is added energy to the cells. The biologic effect related to the amount of added energy is described by the so-called Arndt-Shulz law, shown in the picture. arndt schultz law The curve shows that adding a small amount of energy yields a small amount of power, a broad-range medium amount of energy results in a positive, biologic effect, while adding a very large amount of energy provides a biologic inhibition. This has been well-known for years, but in practice it has been almost impossible to reach the inhibitory part of the curve, simply because the laser devices [...]


Laser therapy – Class 4 or 3B

More is always better, right? Not always, when it comes to laser therapy. Among scientists, in journals, on the internet, and among the practitioners who use laser therapy, it is a continuous discussion whether you achieve better results when you use more powerful lasers. Manufacturers of Class 4 lasers claim that you do while those who offer Class 3B lasers say the opposite. Let us examine some of the facts regarding the differences in the treatment with these two types of lasers. Laser classes Lasers for medical use are divided into different classes: 1 (up to 1 mW/cm2), 2 [...]


Laser therapy supplemented with red and blue LED

Many practitioners are aware that laser therapy accelerates the natural healing process, and many of them also know that light therapy has been used for various healing purposes for many years. On certain laser models, PowerMedic Lasers combine different types of light to give practitioners new treatment options. Laser light has specific characteristics, it is monochromatic (only one wavelength) and coherent (emitted in coordinated light waves for maximum transmission of energy). The PowerLaser and the GigaLaser both emit laser light at 808nm, the wavelength that best penetrates the tissue in the body. The laser light penetrates into the muscles, [...]


Laser therapy as an alternative to medicine

Laser treatment has proven to be a highly effective form of treatment, when it comes to pain management and the treatment of serious skin problems. At PowerMedic, we have been working with the development and production of laser therapy equipment since 1982, and we have the largest experience in the field, in Denmark. We deliver technological solutions that help soothe and heal diseases in both humans and animals. And our overall goal is to develop tools that health professionals can use to promote the natural healing process. Laser treatment may sound very technical to many people, but really it [...]


Pain relief with laser therapy

Pain can take many forms, depending on the nature and strength of the pain. One of the methods that has proven very effective is pain relief with laser therapy. The pain-relieving effect occurs partly because the treatment reduces the problem that caused the pain in the first place. And partly because laser therapy stimulates the body’s production of enkephalins and endorphins. Pain relief from cold laser has no known side effects. You could say that laser therapy helps the body heal but that the body is already programmed to heal itself. In addition to its pain relieving effect, laser [...]

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