Blisters can be quite painful, if not treated. Blisters are pockets of fluid that can occur in different places on the body depending on how they are generated.

They can occur from too much mechanical friction or pressure on the skin. Most people have experienced blisters on their feet due to new or too small shoes, but they can also occur on your hands because of manual labor such as gardening or other work where you tend to use your hands a lot or just intensely for a short time – especially if you are not used to it.

Blisters can also be caused by hot spots on the skin or in the mouth, furthermore, some insect bites can cause blisters.

The fluid in a blister is called lymph, and there are different opinions on whether or not to puncture the blister to drain the liquid, but most doctors recommend that you relieve the pressure, leaving the outer skin covered with a band-aid until new skin is fully formed.

A blister can also be treated with laser therapy. When doing so, the blister should not be pierced – usually, it will be visible when the lymph recedes, and the pain will disappear after a few minutes. Often, 1-2 laser treatments will be enough. A cold laser from PowerMedic always comes with a laser therapy manual.