40th anniversary PowerLaser™ Basic VET Expert

PowerLaser™ Basic VET Expert

Many veterinarians, equine therapists, and other practitioners who treat horses and other animals, have already embraced the PowerLaser as an effective and essential tool in their daily work.

The PowerLaser VET Expert allows you to help your horse, dog, cat etc. by reducing pain and increasing mobility in an injured area, as well as accelerating the body’s natural healing process. Whether it be an acute or long-term injury.

The PowerLaser Basic VET Expert includes both the PowerLaser™ Basic1200 VET and the PowerLaser™ Basic1500 VET.

With the combination of the PowerLaser™ Basic1200 VET and PowerLaser™ Basic1500 VET, you’re able to effectively treat surface issues such as wounds, eczema, and rashes, as well as deep into the tissue, e.g. muscles, tendons, and bones.

The PowerLaser Basic1200 VET is specially designed to treat issues in the skin or fur/coat, and allows you to effectively treat surface conditions, such as wounds, eczema, rashes etc.

The Basic200 VET has red, visible laser light at 638nm, which is absorbed in the surface of the skin and the outermost layers of the skin – the light stimulates the microcirculation and the formation of collagen tissue. 

In addition, the Basic1200 VET has blue LEDs at 405nm, which kill bacteria and viruses. 

The PowerLaser Basic1500 VET is primarily designed to treat medium-size areas, deep into the tissue. This allows you to effectively focus the treatment of oedema, muscle tensions, bruises etc.

With its 3 laser diodes at 808nm, the Basic1500 VET  provides a large amount of energy in a short amount of time. Without compromising with the high power density, making it possible to treat deep into the tissue.

1 x PowerLaser Basic1200 VET
1 x PowerLaser Basic1500 VET

– MIX Color / OliveGreen + CoolGrey
3 x rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
– Additional batteries available at a special price
Laser goggles
Hard case – for safe and convenient transport/storage
Leather wrist strap – for secure hold on the PowerLaser
User Manual
Laser Therapy Manual
(protocol book)
3-year warranty

Your anniversary price:

Regular MSRP: $7,395.00
Excl. tax/shipping

You save: $1,396.00 

Leasing, 90-day deferred

Get your Christmas present now – you don’t pay for 3 months 

– you sign a leasing agreement
– we ship your new anniversary PowerLaser BasicVET Expert
– you don’t start your monthly lease payments for another 3 months

The cost for this?


Term: 48 months

$0 down

Leasing available to business customers in the USA. Rates based on customer credit. $0 buy-out at the end of the term. No prepayment penalty in many cases (depending on credit approval). Other terms also available. MSRP does not include tax/shipping. PowerMedic US Inc. and FinancialCorp are separate companies.

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