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Accelerate the natural healing process with PowerMedic’s therapy lasers. 40 years of experience will guarantee you the most effective tool.

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What can laser therapy do for you?

Laser therapy provides energy for the natural healing process and makes it happen way faster. Therefore you can help your clients to a faster recovery after acute injuries or alleviate pain and discomfort from chronic conditions. This happens whether your clients are animals or humans. In short, you help them to a better life.


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I first came across the PowerLaser during a visit to a practitioners’ office. I asked how she used it, and she told me she uses it for her clients and her horses. I was very intrigued and went home and read about the laser. I called Arne at PowerMedic and we agreed to a meeting at my clinic where he told me about the laser. Then I was HOOKED!

I bought a PowerLaser Pro and attended a very interesting introductory seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark. Afterwards, I signed up for another seminar where we learned how to use the laser for different treatments.

//The Christianhavn Clinic


I started my clinic of podiatry in 1975. When the customer is sitting in the chair having their feet treated, the conversation often turns to other physical problems that they are having, and this way I developed an interest in the human being as a whole and wanted to help in other ways.

In 1996, I graduated as a craniosacral therapist and started relieving various muscle and skeletal problems, headaches, migraines, and much more.

At a podiatry exhibition, I met PowerMedic and immediately got interested in laser therapy for the treatment of warts and inflamed nail ridges. I had not been able to do much for those conditions with the resources I had available at the time.

//Sussers Clinic of Podiatry