Dr E. Seny – The Gigalaser and migraine/headache

Since 1996, the excellent control of three “revolutionary therapeutic tools” allows for a complete recovery of the above mentioned pathologies reputed to be incurable since times immemorial.

To the generally proposed drug therapies which are most of the time expensive, toxic and rarely effectual, we could from now on offer to 10% of the affected and often desperate population (18% women and 6% men) a proven, long lasting or permanent solution, which is all benefit for the patient and consequently for society as well.

“The introduction of the GIGALASER in my medical practice will without any doubt dramatically increase my capacity to take on still more patients and with a smoother therapeutic pathway.”

This also puts a higher value on the therapist’s intervention through the achievement of highly curative results.

Migraine and chronic headache show 3 fundamental characteristics:

For over 90% they result from (sometimes very remote)neck and ankle traumas leading to irreversible muscle spasms that can cause congestion of the brain vessels and an irritation of the brain nerve. The proposed solution to this circulatory disturbance is myotherapy.

The muscles that have been permanently over-active for years cause disturbances of joints, tendons and ligaments of the neck which get chronically inflamed: arthritis of the joints c1/c2 and enthesitis on the mastoid bone. This disturbance of soft tissues can in turn feed the vicious circle: inflamed tendon > muscular contraction > migraine or headache provoked by tension. This where the Gigalaser comes in, with staggering results.

Worsening of the overall syndrome (tendinitis and muscular spasms) through thyroidal deficiency. This metabolic disturbance is taken care of with a combined T3/T4 hormone therapy.

Since 1984 I have been using Mid-Lasers which have largely proven their effectiveness on point 2, that is their incomparable capacity to solve soft tissue problems, but it was a time consuming procedure which required a lot of accuracy and a lot of manipulations to hit on all the targets of arthritis and tendinitis/ligamentitis.

The arrival of the powerful GIGALASER by the Danish company Powermedic, with its large screen combining IR laser diodes with one or more other wavelengths, allowing to cover large areas (like the neck and the upper part of the back)in one single session without any assistance, offers at last a global, convenient, fast and ‘clean’ solution. It’s no less than a revolutionary tool which does more than merely providing an ephemeral relief to the patient.

A treatment combining myotherapy with the Gigalaser in one and the same session will remarkably increase the recovery time. Four to five sessions in a +/- 2 month span give a 90% success rate in all cases of migraine or chronic headache presented to me. The introduction of the GIGALASER in my medical practice will without any doubt dramatically increase my capacity to take on still more patients and with a smoother therapeutic pathway.

The GIGALASER is undeniably the answer I have been waiting for since I work with therapeutic lasers for the past 29 years. It’s a dream come true! A must-have for all general or specialized practitioners who are more and more confronted with multiple situations of biomechanical and locomotive disorders (1/3 of all the patients seen in general medical practice).

The GIGALASER is the best if not the only instrument capable of reducing the countless soft tissue problems in a natural way, i.e. by stimulating biologically the healing processes instead of intoxicating and weakening the body with anti-inflammatory drugs which are not only catabolic, but in most cases totally ineffective as well.