For the first time in history, the highly estimated medical journal The Lancet, has published an article about biostimulating laser therapy.

The Lancet regarded the most credible medical journal in the world, and they have very high standards regarding the validity in the articles they choose to publish.

The article outlines:

Laser can replace use of medicin when treating neck pain and it has close to zero side effects. For the first time in history, the effect of laser therapy has been documented. One of the authors to the article, Professor Jan Magnus Bjordal, University of Bergen says to The Lancet:

Research shows that laser can be used as an alternative to medical treatment. The use of laser has often met resistance in professional medical cirles due to the lack of proper documentation of the results from the treatment.

But that’s history now. Bjordals research is rewriting medical history, since most medical literature claims that laser isn’t effective when treating neck pain.

Link to the article in The Lancet